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Canadian Association of Women in Construction


2020 marks a CAWIC milestone!

To read the Daily Commercial News article on CAWIC's 15 years of Building Success for Women in Construction, Click here 

2020 Bursary Highlights

One of CAWIC’s continued mandates is to promote education and encourage women to pursue careers in the construction industry. Each year the Bursary Committee selects the successful recipients of CAWIC Bursaries from post-secondary applicants. This year CAWIC is honoured to commemorate the following distinguished women, who have supported the organization since its inception and are true champions of Women in Construction!  

Stay tuned for future details about each of the 2020 Bursary Recipients.

CAWIC Bursary in Memory of Doris McKeogh

CAWIC is proud to name one of its bursaries for 2020 in honour of the late Doris McKeogh.  Doris spent her 25-year career working in the construction industry within the Ontario Government in the contract management department. Doris was a champion of women in the construction industry and was a Founding Member of CAWIC.  She was a staunch supporter of the bursary program and served on the committee for many years.  Doris personified strength, courage, fortitude and integrity in everything she did and it’s those qualities that we champion in young women entering the construction industry.

For additional details:  click here

Founders Bursary in Memory of Patricia Williams

The Founding Members of CAWIC are proud to name its inaugural bursary for 2020 in honour of the late Patricia Williams.  Patricia was a journalist who spent many years covering stories for the mainstay of the construction industry, The Daily Commercial News. Dating back to the 1990’s, Patricia was a staunch supporter of NAWIC, and then CAWIC beginning in 2005.  She covered many different events for CAWIC which provided CAWIC with much appreciated publicity and promotion through photos and stories published in the Daily Commercial News.  We are indebted to her unwavering support of CAWIC.

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In this Masterclass, we will explore the ways to become a Leader people want to work for. We will review the WHY and HOW of: deeper ways to listen, powerful questions, feedback, and other ways to increase accountability and develop your team.

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Do you feel stressed? Does your mind ever circle in a loop, and no matter how much you try you can't seem to stop it?

Fierce women have a propensity to take on a lot, some may even say "too much", and this propensity can often leave you feeling empty and running on fumes, leading to burnout, now recognized by the World Health Organization as a medical condition of concern. If left unchecked, stress can lead to disease in the long-term.

In this virtual presentation, author Jenn Bruer will unpack the dangers of stress, some mitigating factors to managing stress, and how "shifting your default mind" can improve your life experiences, reduce the body's stress response, and lead to a more fulfilling life.

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Supply chain disruption impacts all industries and the Construction Industry has been no exception during the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us for an overview of supply chain reactions to COVID-19, to discover what is needed for businesses to recover and to start thinking about what the road to the "New Normal" looks like now for the Construction Industry and your business.

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You might be thinking, STOP ALREADY! Our business has changed enough over the past two months. Or you may be thinking, I really want to focus on doing my best work and balance, not leading change. Or you may be thinking, yes, let’s use this difficult but seismic shift as the platform for deeper change.

We hold all of these views and sometimes they can change daily, especially right now. But we also know that things change slow, fast, and in unpredictable ways. Your colleagues, teams and customers could shift their own strategies, interests and motivations. How can you remain nimble, stay healthy, and continue to move forward effectively?

Join us as leadership training specialist and culture guru Kim MacDonald from 13 Factors helps you sharpen your knowledge that can nudge positive workplace change. Kim’s learning and development company uses evidence-based research and behavioural science to help leaders and contributors build new skills and effectively impact both workplace conditions and the people side of change.

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Looking for a good cause where you can dedicate some of your valuable time, knowledge and experience?



CAWIC is a not for profit organization formed to enhance the success of women in the Canadian construction industry.

Our Mission

To facilitate the success of women in the Canadian construction industry by uniting our voices, knowledge and resources through the passion of our members and the women we inspire.

Our Core Values

Leadership  Mentorship  Membership Partnership

CAWIC’s membership base includes a diverse mix of individuals, corporations and students spanning every sector of the construction industry.

If you are interested in learning more about CAWIC and how we can help enhance your success, please contact us.

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