Directory of Membership and Sponsorship

Emma Donnelly

Carma Corp., Commercial Account Executive

Emma Donnelly currently works as a Commercial Account Executive for CARMA Corp where she handles technical sales for the commercial submetering division. Emma has been working in the sales and project management space within the construction industry for the last 6 years.

After serving on the CAWIC membership committee for the past 2 years, Emma was elected to the CAWIC Board of Directors, and she’s eager to do more to help raise the bar for women working in construction. As a sales & business development professional and a trained recruiter, she wants to bring these skills to her role as the Director of Membership to further increase CAWIC’s membership base and get more women involved with the Association and its initiatives. She is passionate about making sure every woman she meets in her daily work knows about CAWIC and becomes a member. Emma’s goals include expanding CAWIC’s membership base across Canada as well as improving engagement & retention with our current members.

Contact: [email protected]