On June 10, 2022, CAWIC participated in the Habitat for Humanity Women’s Build 2022 in Oshawa, ON. Team CAWIC Heels of Steel raised their hammers to help lower-income families create a safe and affordable home to raise their kids. This is especially important now in 2022, as we find ourselves facing an intense housing affordability crisis, with Durham Region becoming one of the most expensive real estate markets in all of Canada.

Congratulations to Team CAWIC Heels of Steel for exceeding our fundraising goal, and raising $8,735 for this amazing cause! Thank you to our team captain Leah Traviss, and team members Julie Zabizewski, PMP®, Patricia Espinola, Krystal Tucci, Nicole Paraan, Johnpaul AntidormiJackie van LeeuwenSymone Parera, B.Arch.Sc., PMPLauren Prolas, Hannah Cooper, Becky Zavaglia, Chris Uchiyama, Lana McMullen, Kaitlyn Harman and Christina Marra for making this event a success!

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