MJ (Munjyot Jaswal)

Chief Operating Officer
Toronto Business Development Centre 

Munjyot Jaswal, CPA is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Toronto Business Development Centre, Toronto’s first start-up incubator and accelerator. At the Toronto Business Development Center (TBDC) programs offered include access to a network of key resources that can help accelerate growth for start-ups. TBDC is also currently working with Construction Trades employers across the GTHA to recruit skilled trades workers into a pre-apprenticeship training program. 

She obtained her Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Management at the University of Waterloo in 2013 and successfully completed her CPA designation in 2020. She had previously worked in the real estate development and construction industry for the past five years, where she was able to gain insightful experience in both managing the finances for large scale residential and commercial projects as well as the financial operations of these companies. This experience had allowed Munjyot to marry two of her passions: construction and finance to provide value by leading collaborative and innovative finance teams in the industry.

As a proud supporter of CAWIC and women in the construction industry, she believes strongly in the need for building relationships and networks with women to facilitate their success in the construction industry. She believes with the right attitude, hard work, and effective networking that women can be successful and enable each other’s progress in construction. Munjyot has been the Treasurer for CAWIC since January 2020 and was appointed to the Board of Directors to fill a vacancy. After successfully working with the Board to manage the finances in 2020, she was officially elected in September 2020 where she will continue to provide insightful finance leadership to CAWIC

Contact: [email protected]