Owens Corning – Area Sales Manager CALGARY

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Description: Area Sales Manager- Alberta

The roofing and insulation division in Canada is seeking an Area Sales Manager (ASM) for Western Canada.  This position will be responsible for all aspects of sales and service primarily in the building materials channel.  The main market for this area is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The Area Sales Manager is responsible for executing Owens Corning’s Roofing and Insulation growth strategy. Working closely with the Technical Sales Representative and Western ASM, this individual will foster current customer growth as well as identify and pursue profitable new business opportunities within the retail dealer network and commercial channel.

This position reports to Western Regional Sales Leader.

Home Office Based: Calgary


Knowing Our Customers (Driving Business Growth through deep customer knowledge and market understanding)

  • Continuously builds intimate insight and knowledge of the market and customers within the territory, their business, what is necessary for the customer to be successful, and the differential value that our current and future products, programs and processes deliver.
  • Understands what is necessary for the direct customer to be successful, generates measurable differential value from current and future products, programs and processes delivered to the customer.

Developing Territory Strategy

The ASM will provide the following insights:

  • An environmental analysis that includes:
    • Economic impacts
    • Market trends
    • Competitor intelligence and strategies
    • Clear needs of the customer and the customer’s strategy
  • An analysis of the competition, which identifies competitive advantages, disadvantages and company strengths and weaknesses. (Understanding of why the customer is buying from the competition.)
  • An analysis of external, execution risks, their potential impact on business segment results, and the definition of a mitigation plan, which addresses the risks with, identified actions.

Execution – Delivering Results

The ASM must be a well-organized self-starter with high work standards in order to achieve defined sales revenue and gross margin objectives while managing OC product placement and share of customer wallet within their territory.

The ASM will execute on the customer strategy, share results with others, conduct meaningful customer discovery interviews, to insure we are delivering on what the customer value most.

  • Delivers on the plans for all segments; optimizes for Owens Corning and the customer
  • Identifies and delivers differential value for OC and our customers
  • Develops and implements customer operating plans with a 3 year vision, as well as annual plans
  • Continually seeks knowledge of the competition and ensures the information is fed back into the organization in a way that can shape action.
  • Through partnership, ensures the customer meets their financial goals
  • Manages margin through strategic price, actionable cost management, and effective negotiation using accurate and reliable reporting tools
  • Through communication and behavior, advances our desired market role and positioning
  • Recommends resourcing and funding decisions that maximize value for Owens Corning.
  • Identifies and develops process changes to eliminate waste/increase profitability for Owens Corning and our customers
  • Makes the customer’s strategies known and relevant outside of sales; gets others in the game with them
  • Establishes strong and productive high, wide and deep customer relationships
  • Communicates the full value that can be derived from each of our products, services, systems and solutions; individually and collectively
  • Ensures a safe, clean and environmentally compliant work environment and builds a culture where safety is a first priority.

Job Requirements


  • Experience in the roofing/building materials industry preferred.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop a sale from cold call through close
  • Operating across geographic and cultural boundaries
  • Ability to market, educate and sell new products and services; attracting new customers.
  • Solid experience delivering impactful presentations and demonstrations

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Demonstrated ability to develop an intimate knowledge of customers, competition, and the market.
  • Building science knowledge
  • Demonstrated ability to build strong customer relationships
  • Superior presentation skills

Abilities and Personal Characteristics:

  • Leads with a strong set of values aligned with OC values
  • Conducts himself/herself with the highest ethical and moral standards
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize and execute against multiple opportunities
  • Makes decisions and commits to a course of action with appropriate information and recognizes uncertainty of success; weighs and manages risk in decision making; able to make decisions detrimental to a few but helpful to many.
  • Highly motivated and results driven with a high energy level
  • Carries self with a high degree of professionalism and poise
  • Asks meaningful questions with critical listening and analytical skills
  • Intelligent, creative, analytical
  • Behave in a mature and appropriate manners.
  • Shows good judgment; does not allow feeling or biases to distract reasoning; does not rationalize failures
  • Expresses himself/ herself candidly and encourages candor from others
  • Shows appreciation for and understanding of the feelings of others.
    Aware of personal impact on others.  Expresses opinions without offending or creating defensiveness
  • Leadership – Lead teams, Peer Mentoring
  • Ability to sell against the competition’s products and services. Knows products and services from memory and is an information source for others, etc
  • Market Complexity – Experience with multiple locations located in various markets in various provinces. Acts upon and understand how the customers define success and how to leverage the two organizations for mutual success.
  • Ability to travel up to 50% of the time


  • Bachelor’s degree in business or related field
  • Minimum 3 years sales experience preferred


Please note: Applications must be filled out completely—incomplete applications will not be considered. Resumes are welcome, but are not a substitute for completing the application.



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April 26, 2021