Durham District School Board – Carpenter

Job Code: 2783048 Closing Date: Mar 05, 2021 4:30 PM EST
Employer: Durham District School Board Posted on: Jan 19, 2021
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Job Type:
Full Time
Job Category:
ECE, EA and Support Staff
Open To:
ECE, EA and Support Staff
Teachers, Principals & Superintendents
Management & Professionals
Openings: 1
Mandatory Document:
Cover Letter
Start Date:  Immediately
End Date: 
Salary:  $31.39 per hour
Job Description & Requirements

Job Summary:

Under the direction of the Maintenance Supervisor to build, repair, replace, renovate, or construct Board structures that ensure safety and are customized and provide optimal use; provide estimates for project requests; and provide supervision to summer students.

Major Duties:

1. Responsible for Building Custom Millwork

  • Receive requests for millwork;
  • Prepare a scaled floor plan for the location of the millwork and ensure that the door openings will accommodate new furniture;
  • Prepare a scaled drawing or a concept drawing of the millwork with dimensions;
  • Determine the types of materials to be used in building the millwork;
  • Ordering all materials and supplies via Pcard and pick up of blanket PO;
  • Measure and cut materials; assemble the materials appropriately; responsible for ensuring that size and other elements are considered;
  • Trim and face the fronts of the millwork;
  • Choose the colour to laminate the counter top; laminate the counter top and base and secure both to the millwork;
  • Install hardware, if necessary (ie. legal size filing cabinet drawers);
  • Coordinate with the painter as to how the millwork will be finished;
  • Deliver and install the millwork.
  • Receives and updates work orders and complete/submits time sheets electronically.

2. Responsible for Repairing or Replacing Various Structures

  • Receive requests for repairs and determine whether the structure(s) need to be repaired or replaced; consider costs in making this decision;
  • Repair or replace doors. This involves the following: determining the size of the door, ordering a new door, removing all hardware (ie. hinges, door knob) from the damaged door and installing a new door (including fire rated doors); responsible for coordinating with a Locksmith to prepare re-keying;
  • Repair or replace stage doors. This involves building new doors, from plywood, and mounting them to the fronts of existing steel carts;
  • Perform repairs on laminate counters, on site or at the carpenter shop, that have deteriorated. This involves ordering new preformed countertop or making a new top by cutting plywood to match the existing counter and then gluing laminate to the plywood with contact cement; install the new counter; responsible for coordinating with the plumber to reinstall a sink;
  • Repair damaged millwork (bent hinge on the door, a broken door, missing handles, etc.); obtain the necessary hardware for replacement or reconstruct broken items in the carpentry shop and prepare to re-install;
  • Sand down gymnasium benches that have split boards or splintered edges and pose safety problems;
  • Perform repairs to hardwood floors by applying glue and new floor boards or new parquet flooring;
  • Responsible for building or modifying items to be used by students as requested by the Special Education Co-ordinator and approved by Facilities Services.  This includes constructing footboxes, putting locks on millwork, design and construction of special function millwork, etc.; responsible for making contact with the occupational therapist to clarify concerns or requirements.


3. Provide Estimates for Project Requests

  • Responsible for making appointments with Principals or other Board Staff to discuss their needs and expectations for various projects; determine what materials will cost and how much time will need to be allotted to complete each assignment; discuss alternatives.

4. Build or Renovate New Features in Schools

  • Responsible for building walls using 5/8″ fire rated drywall. This involves cutting and assembling metal studs complete with appropriate openings and fire stops; install trim and fire rated doors; responsible for paying special attention to building codes/standards;
  • Responsible for adding a new window or a door opening in an existing wall. This involves taking measurements and coordinating with other trades (ie. Bricklayer and Painter), ensuring a proper lintel is in place to support upper wall weight, installing new frames and sealing the perimeter, and installing the window/door, hardware, and the trim;
  • Build an accessible ramp, including required guards and handrails, that comply with current building codes and ensure the deck and ramp are built to support specified weight (using headers and fasteners);
  • Build and install bulletin boards to fire regulation standard, ie. cannot be within 10″ of the door. This involves trimming the board to a suitable size and cutting and installing the bulletin board in the right spot (ie. wall, blackboard, etc.) using brackets and self tapping screws;
  • Perform other renovations or construction projects as requested.

5. Provide Supervision to Summer Students

  • From time to time may be responsible for providing supervision to summer students.

6. Perform other duties as assigned.

Equipment Used:  Drafting protractors, compass, dividers, graph paper, computer/printer, hand tools (saw, hammer, etc.), power tools (saw drill, etc.), heavy equipment, and car and /or equipment truck, computer, smart phone or handheld device, work order software.


1.     Grade 12 diploma and successful completion of a Community College Certificate in Carpentry and apprenticeship requirements for carpenter trades ticket.

2.     1 – 2 years of work experience as a licenced carpenter.

3.     Valid driver’s license.

4.     Familiarity with W.H.M.I.S., occupational health and safety regulations, working knowledge of Ontario Building code, Ontario Fire code and general knowledge of other trades.

5.     Ability to communicate effectively with Board staff, colleagues, other trades and the public.

6.     Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

7.     Keyboard skills and familiarity with using computerized systems for recording information.

8.     Ability to meet the physical demands, as detailed in the Physical Demands Analysis, for the position.

9.     Evening and day shift is a requirement of the position.

Please note: This is a 40 hour per week, permanent position

The DDSB is committed to equity and inclusion in the recruitment and hiring of qualified staff who reflect the diversity of our region. We encourage submissions from candidates who represent the various dimensions of diversity. We are committed to providing barrier-free and accessible employment practices in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Should you require accommodation through any stage of the recruitment process, please make them known when contacted and we will work with you to meet your needs.




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February 17, 2021