CAWIC Committees

Bursary & Awards

Awards bursaries to female students enrolled in a construction-related field; prepares an information packages and application form for distribution to colleges and universities; reviews applications and selects award recipients; arranges a presentation of the awards at a general meeting.

Chair: Maria Taristano

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Committee is charged with planning, developing and managing the connections with and between CAWIC members, educational institutions, women’s initiatives, resources, unions, and various community organizations. If you are looking for resource relating to the construction industry, believe that your initiative would benefit from the help of CAWIC, or would like a speaker (or would like to speak on behalf of CAWIC) for your event, please contact the Community Outreach Director.

Director, Leah Traviss

Industry Relations

The Industry Relations Committee is responsible for connecting with industry related organizations, partners, statistics, research and current legistlation.

Director, Trudy Case


The Marketing Committee manages the external communications including social media accounts and event and activity posters, announcements and materials. The Director and Committee Members work promote the CAWIC brand and message to Members and others. 

Director, Acacia Ashick


The Communications Committee manages the internal communications for CAWIC. This includes the website and the creation and distribution of the newsletter. The Director and committee members work to create clear, concise, relevant, interesting news and communications within CAWIC’s organization. If you have any news that you think CAWIC should know about, or find any concerns with the website please contact the Communications Director. 

Chair, Stephanie Garraway

Membership & Sponsorship

The role of Membership is to oversee the growth and development of CAWIC’s membership and sponsorship. Charged with developing strategies for recruitment, managing members and potential members’ inquiries. In addition to this, Membership oversees corporate bundle members and corporate sponsors by developing strategies for recruiting new sponsors, and strengthening relationships with existing sponsors. This is a vital role in fulfilling CAWIC’s mission.

Co-Chair: Emma Donnelly
Co-Chair: Maria Williams


Develops and implements mentoring initiatives which includes a formal mentorship program between experienced and newer members of CAWIC. Further initiatives includes providing new and existing members with links to contacts and opportunities in construction; presents on opportunities for young women in the industry; shares knowledge; provides advice, guidance, information and encouragement to young women on access to careers in construction; encourages all CAWIC members to act as mentors within the Association or outside in the community. 

Director, Katherine Thornton


The Programming Committee focuses on educational programs for our members and community. These programs include leadership, career building events, training webinars and site tours.

Chair, Christina Kontogeorgopoulos 

Special Events

The Special Events Committee focuses on the organization and implementation of several key annual events, while supporting both internal and external fundraising efforts of CAWIC, which include the Golf Tournaments, Gala and various social events. 

Director, Kristina Slonova


Extensions of CAWIC from coast to coast.

Implements local Programs, Events, Networking and Building Relationships with CAWIC to increase national coverage while supporting Women in Construction.

Director, Lisa Laronde

Chair, Kristen Hallberg