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CAWIC has been awarded funding to develop an action plan for distribution to industry employers, trade and alternative unions with specific objective of increasing the number of women moving into leadership roles within the Canadian construction industry. CAWIC will conduct research, consult with industry, design and implement this action plan in collaboration with participating female employees and industry employer stakeholders over a period of 36 months.

We are actively recruiting construction industry employers from Ontario, Alberta and Newfoundland/Labrador, who will agree to participate in the Project. We require the input of these industry employer partners to identify and develop specific strategies to address internal and external challenges in the hiring, retention and advancement of female employees. WE are looking for a diversity of employers across all sectors of the construction industry.

What will your participation involve specifically? 
Your commitment, averaging a few hours per month until December 2016, where you will be asked from time to time to contribute feedback on specific experiences, success stories and challenges, through in person and/or telephone meetings, focus groups, round table discussions and surveys. Our employer partners will also assist in promoting and encouraging support and participation in as well as implementation of the CAWIC Project across the industry.

CAWIC is undertaking this Project through the generous support of Status of Women Canada, as well as CAWIC's dedicated volunteers and corporate supporters.

To submit your company name for consideration as an employer partner for the Project, please send a brief statement of your interest and description of how your company is involved in the construction industry (eg. general contractor, equipment sales, staffing, materials) and in what sector (eg. industrial, civil, residential, commercial) to

Contact us today for details on how to participate as an employer partner.

This project has been funded by Status of Women Canada

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