What is LEVEL BEST™?

The CAWIC LEVEL BEST™ Women’s Advancement Project is a federal government funded research and action project designed for construction industry employers, unions, alternative unions and open shop contractors across Canada to improve women’s advancement into leadership roles within the Canadian construction industry.

CAWIC's mandate is to promote change, break down barriers, and create a targeted, specific and measurable employment action plan that makes economic sense both for the employer and the employee in construction.

CAWIC is working closely with both employers and women employed in the construction industry or seeking to enter the construction industry to ensure the project's success.

Please refer to CAWIC Level Best's Terms and Conditions. These materials are not to be duplicated or distributed without CAWIC's permission.

To request a copy of the Level Best Needs Assessment, send an email to levelbest@cawic.ca.

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Review the Summary of Level Best's Needs Assessment

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This project has been funded by Status of Women Canada

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